Institute of Neurosciences at QRG Central hospital is designed to provide the utmost levels of professional expertise with the help of an integrated team of highly acclaimed neurosurgeons, neurologist, neuroradiologist, psychiatrist, neuro-critical care and neuro rehabilitation specialists.

The Department provides our patients world class care which they need through specialized, multidisciplinary, disease-specific treatment that integrate the expertise of neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists, neuroradiologists, and other specialists into the comprehensive care of a single disease. Our specialists work on a range of serious diseases including severe brain & spine trauma, complex brain & spine tumors ,degenerative spine diseases , congenital disorders (birth defects) of brain & spine, brain hemorrhage & stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, schizophrenia, mental illness, etc. Our clinicians discuss with you every aspect of your diagnosis, treatment options & recovery to keep yourself informed & involved. At every visit to QRG Central hospital – Division of neurosciences, you will meet with your doctor, and families are welcome at all appointments. Should you have further questions or require additional time, your doctor will stay with you until all concerns are addressed. We have a dedicated team of clinical staff available to answer your questions, whether they arise in or out of the consultation room

The Department boasts of high-end technology, including the first integrated Brain SUITE (most advanced neuro-surgical operating room ) along with dedicated neuro – intensive care unit which is having all facilities like neuronavigation, high end operative microscope & pneumatic drills , CUSA( ultrasonic aspirator),neuro-endoscope, Intra cranial pressure monitoring system , transcranial Doppler etc. This state of the art system is backed up with highly specialized diagnostic equipment’s such as 128 slice CT scan, Neuro Electro Physiology lab & neuropsychopathology services.